April 2012

Bulls Win Playoff Debut but Lose Rose

The Bulls won game one of the Eastern Conference 1st round against the 76ers on Saturday. The team was impressive throughout but lost their star Derrick Rose in the Process. Rose came down awkwardly and tore his ACL in the game. He will not be available for the remainder of the playoffs. The Bulls are not calling it a death sentence and intend to make a run without their star. They were without him for nearly 30 games throughout the year and did well in his absence. This will be a lot different in the playoffs however and we will see if they have what it takes.

In Saturday’s game Rose led the way for the Bulls with 23 points while also contributing 9 assists to lead the team. Noah grabbed 13 rebounds to help get the win as well. The team outscored the 6ers in every quarter but the fourth. They scored over 25 points in every quarter but the fourth as well. The team will look to do things without Rose in game 2 as Wilson will take over in Rose’s absence. Wilson was able to do enough in the regular season to replace Rose, but we will see if he can handle the increased spotlight.

Bulls win Finale

The Bulls won 107-75 in their season finale at home against the Cavs on Thursday. The team locked up the NBA’s top overall seed with the victory, which puts them in a good position to make a run and try and get the Bulls a championship that has escaped them since the Years or Jordan and company. The team closed the season on a high note as they cruised past the Cavaliers and showed that they were going to play hard despite having a locked position in the playoffs.


Lucas led the Bulls in scoring with 25 points on the day. Watson added 8 assists to contribute to the victory as well. The Bulls outscored the Cavs in each quarter. Their biggest successes came in the second with a 32-20 rout, and they closed the game by outscoring Cleveland 27-13 in the fourth. The team scored 25 points or more in each quarter but the third when they scored just 22. The Bulls will now have home court advantage throughout the playoffs, which will make things difficult for opposing teams as Chicago lost just 7 games at home this season. The Bulls close out the year with a 50-16 overall record.

Bulls Win Finale

The Bulls won 92-87 on Wednesday against the Pacers in Indiana. The teams played a close match-up that saw each team dominate a half. This began after the Bulls started off hot before fizzling out in the second half. However enough was done in the first to overcome a Pacer comeback attempt. The Bulls now move to 49-16 on the season and are 24-9 in away games this year. They inched closer to the league’s top spot Wednesday, but they still have work to do.


Korver scored 20 points to lead the Bulls to a victory. Noah had 14 rebounds to contribute to the win as well. Rose play was limited a bit to get him 100 percent healthy, but he was able to lead the team in assist with 7. The Bulls scored 32 in the first to take an early 8-point lead after the first. The team then only scored 35 between the second and third quarter as they allowed the Pacers to get back into the game. The Bulls continue to play strong and are in a good position as the playoffs are set to begin.

The 2012 NFL Draft

The Bears will actually have a pick in each round of this year’s draft.

Coming off what was a pretty disappointing season for the Chicago Bears in 2011, the Bears will look to rebuild in next week’s NFL Draft in which they actually have a pick in every round. This is the first time that the Bears have gotten this and they also have the 19th pick in the NFL Draft. Additionally, the Bears will open at Soldier Field against the Indianapolis Colts and have five prime-time games.  

The Bears have a new GM in Phil Emery who will be calling the shots instead of Jerry Angelo who had been the GM for the Bears since 2001. The Bears are in need of a variety of different positions and may go in any direction with that 19th pick which could be used to get a pass-rusher or a wide receiver. These positions are pretty top priority for the Bears even after trading for Brandon Marshall but they also need a linebacker and a good addition to the secondary and the offensive line.

Bulls should be the one seed in NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs

The Miami Heat really wanted to win on Thursday night against the Chicago Bulls to make an attempt to get the one seed going into the Eastern Conference Playoffs. They were thwarted by a Bulls team that actually had Derrick Rose on the bench because he was hobbled during the crucial moments of the game and the All-Star point guard was basically a nonfactor in the outcome.

Still, a lot of NBA players would learned a lot from the way Rose handled himself during this time by being active in cheering his team on and trying to encourage the Bulls on to victory. I guess this is very classy behavior from someone who is such a big star in the NBA. Rose showed character the way he behaved when things weren’t going his way at all and this says a lot about him.

Bulls Dealt First Losing Streak of Season

The Bulls fell 99-93 against the Rockets in Chicago on Monday. The loss is the teams second in a row after losing earlier in the week to the Thunder. The losing skid for the team is just their first of the season. The team remains in great shape with a 42-13 record and are 21-6 at home this season. The Bulls got down early before bouncing right back, but then slipped up in a huge way after the half to cost them the game.

Deng was the Bulls leading scorer with 24 points netted. Boozer led the team in both rebounds and assist to try and contribute to a win, but fell short. He ended the contest with 13 rebounds grabbed and 7 assists. The Bulls fell back early as they were outscored 26-22 in the first. They then came back to outscore Houston 29-14 in the second quarter, which seemed to be a preview of the second half. However, the team would come out ice cold in the third quarter and scored just 19 points compared to 31 put up by the Rockets. This along with being outscored 28-23 in the fourth cost them the win.

Bulls get Handled by Thunder

The Bulls lost 92-78 on Sunday in Oklahoma to a rising Thunder team that seems to be on a mission to make statement games recently. Not even a week after beating the Lakers in LA, the Thunder have now taken down the Bulls and did so pretty convincingly with the 14-point victory. The Bulls are still 42-12 on the season but drop their road record to 21-7. They will have to take a long look at the tapes for this game to figure out just how the Thunder beat them so convincingly.

Lucas was the leading scorer for the Bulls with just 19. . Gibson also did his part for Chicago as he had 11 rebounds to lead the team. The team struggled from the field offensively though, and scored 20 or less points in three of the games four quarters. This included a downright awful 3rd quarter that netted just 12 points for the Bulls. Making matters worse was the fact that the Thunder scored 31 in the third, which was the most they scored in any quarter.