February 2012

Bulls Win in Rose's Return

The Bulls won 90-79 on Monday in Chicago. The game saw the return of Derrick Rose to the line up as the Bulls improved their record to 26-8 on the season. During the time Rose spent away from the team, the team fell a bit but still retains one of the three best records in the NBA. They also improved their home record to a strong 12-2 mark on the season.


The Bulls started off hot and outscored that Hawks 35-17 in the first quarter. They did not have as much success the rest of the game, however, as they scored 20 points or less in the rest of the game. This included scoring under twenty in both the 3rd and fourth periods. The team was led by Rose who scored 23 in his return. Noah led the team in rebounds with 16 while Rose also added 6 assist to lead the team. With the return of Rose, the team will look to get back on top of the NBA standings again.

Bulls Lose to Hapless Nets at Home

The Bulls loss of Derrick Rose is finally starting to catch up with them. After holding on in games and getting victories without Rose, they finally have slipped up a bit. On Saturday the team lost, to all people, the Nets 97-85. The team could really use the services of Rose who would give some guys a much-needed break. The Bulls still hold at the top of the NBA leader board, but there is no doubt losing to the Nets at home hurts. The team falls to 25-8 on the season while dropping their home record to 11-2. Yes, that’s right, it was just their second loss at home all season.

The Bulls got little production offensively. Their leading scorer scored just 16. Mike James led the team in assists with 6. The team started off by falling behind 34-19 in the first. This would ultimately prove to be the difference ion the game. They had 2 quarters in which they failed to score 20 points. On the bright side, they also had 2 quarters where they scored more than 25.

Deng Leads Bulls to Win at Home

The Bulls won 121-115 at home Tuesday in Chicago. The win came off a big performance by Luol Deng who ended up with a double-double in the contest. The win moves the bulls to 24-7 on the year as they continue to hold on to the best record in the NBA. They also improved their home record to a remarkable 10-1 mark. The Bulls struggled a bit on defense, but were explosive on offense scoring 25 or more points in each quarter. 

The Bulls were led by Deng who scored 23 in the contest and added 11 assists to record a double-double on the day. Joakim Noah added 11 rebounds, which led the team. The team scored nearly 30 points in every quarter including a high of 33 in the fourth quarter. In the second quarter they scored 29 while in the third they put up 32. This showed that they are definitely the team to be scared of for the remainder of the year and playoffs. The team continues to win while putting up huge offenses performances.

Bulls Fall to Rondo and the Celtics

The Chicago Bulls fell to the Celtics Sunday thanks in large part to Rajon Rondo’s brilliant performance. The Bulls came into the game with 23 wins on the year. Fourteen of those have come in away games as they have shown no matter the team, nor venue, they were able to come out on top. This was almost true in this game held in Boston, but ultimately they fell short. The loss moves their overall record to 23-7 on the year as they lost their 6 away game of the season.

Te Bulls were Led by Noah who who scored 22 points and also grabbed 9 rebounds. Both of these totals were good enough to make him the leader of the team in each category. The Bulls were able to get 20 plus points in each quarter, but only had one quarter in which they reached 25 points scored. This came in the fourth as they desperately tried to tie or win the game. The team still has the best record in basketball as they are first in their division.

The Celtics were led by Rondo who ended up with a triple-double in the game. Rondo led the team in points with 32 as well as assists with 15. He also got double-digit rebounds to complete the triple-double. The team started off hot outscoring the Bulls 28-23 in the first quarter. From there, they stayed close with the Bulls and were only outscored in the game’s fourth quarter 25-23. It was not enough, however, as the Celtics held on to get the W.

Rose-less Bulls Embarrass Bobcats

The Bobcats were embarrassed again on Friday. This time it was at the hands of the Chicago Bulls who won 95 to just 65 and did so in the absence of last year’s MVP Derrick Rose. Other Bulls stepped up in his absence and showed just why the Bobcats are the worst team in the league. The Bulls moved their record to 23-6 on the year and improved an impressive away record to 14-5.

The Bulls were led by Noah in Rose’s absence. Noah scored 17 points in the game and grabbed 14 rebounds. Both of these totals were enough to lead the team. Watson led the team in assists with 5. The Bulls scored early and often beginning the game by scoring 30 in the first quarter. Offensively they did worse each quarter from there scoring 26 in the second, 23 in the third, and just 16 in the fourth. This was not an issue though as the Bobcats failed to get even 20 points in any quarter.

The Bobcats scored in the teens in ever quarter and were pathetic on the day. The loss brings their record to just 3-23, which is at the bottom of the NBA. At home, the team is just 2-9. Derrick Brown led them in scoring with just ten. Bismack Biyombo added 10 rebounds to lead the team. Clearly they showed why they are so bad as they were unable to have any success in the game on either side of the court.

Bulls Embarrass Hornets

The Chicago Bulls treated the Hornets like a D-league team on Wednesday by destroying them 90-67. The Hornets actually looked more like a high school team on the night and failed to score over 20 points except in one quarter. The win brings the Bulls record to 22-6 on the season. They also improved their road record to 13-5 with the win. The Hornets, on the other hand, drop to just 4-22 this season and have won just 2 games at home compared to 13 losses. 

The Bulls leading scorer was Carlos Boozer who scored 18. Noah led the team in rebounds with 10 while Derrick Rose added 6 assists to lead the squad. The team was not too explosive on offense scoring over 25 in the third quarter. Despite this, they get the W and and are in first place in the division. Currently they are up by 3.5 games up. They also have the second best record in the league trailing only Oklahoma City.

Chicago Bulls Defeated and Deflated by 76ers

The Bulls lost in Philadelphia Wednesday, 98-82, against the 76ers. The team, who has been one of the best in the league, looked unlike themselves as they struggled from the field. Philadelphia definitely showed that they are a team to watch out for this season as they won very convincingly. The Philly defense came up the biggest of all as they gave up less than 25 points in 3 of the game’s quarters. The win moves the 76ers to 16-6 on the year.


The 76ers were led by Andre Iguodola who had 19 points and 9 rebounds in the game. Lou Williams led the team in assists with 6. The biggest swing in the game came in the 3rd quarter when the Bulls were outscored 26-11 by the 6ers. The quarter ultimately led to the Bulls demise. Philadelphia is now in first by 4.5 games. They have been very impressive at home losing just 2 games while winning 12.


The Bulls were led in points by Watson who scored 20. Carlos Boozer grabbed 9 rebounds to lead the team also. The Bulls Derrick Rose was a non-factor in the game. The bulls are still in first in their division with a 18-6 record. They currently have a 1.5 game lead over the Pacers in the division.

 One thing the Bulls need to work on if they plan to be a real contender is winning games on the road. Historically, all the NBA champions have been good road teams. This is something the Bulls must do better as they are just 9-5 away from Chicago this year.