April 2010

Chicago White Sox: 2 Week Evaluation



The Chicago White Sox made plenty of bold moves during the 2009 season and this off-season.

Trading for all-star pitcher Jake Peavy, claiming former all-star OF Alex Rios and his $60 million contract and trading for Juan Pierre, showed this organizations desire to win another championship.

The Sox may have the desire, but apparently desire doesn't win games.

After the first two weeks, the Sox haven't lived up to their full potential.

Chicago Cubs: 2 Week Evaluation


The Chicago Cubs came into the 2010 season with hopes of rebounding after a dismal 2009 season. 

With an aging roster, concern over the bull pen and new owners, most did not expect much from the Cubbies.

Here are my observations after the first 9 games of the season:

Record:  4-4

  -          Only 8 games into the season, so people shouldn’t look too much into the record.



  -          The starting rotation is headed by Carlos Zambrano, who has a 1-1 record, with a 9.45 ERA through his first 3 starts.  Not a good start for the Cubs ace.

Chicago White Sox after 3 Games


I’ve heard it a million times if a series doesn’t go the way of your favorite team:

There is a lot of baseball left.

Most of the time, I still get upset about my team loosing the series.


But I take a deep breath and realize that there is a lot of baseball left.

After the first 3 games of the season, the White Sox don’t look anything like they did in their home opener.


After witnessing the White Sox play great baseball in every category, including a play of the year play by pitcher Mark Buehrle, the last two games they looked very dossal.  

The pitching kept the team in both games.  The hitting looked a lot like last year.

Not hitting, bad bunting and not being able to get on base.