December 2009

Saint Pierre has arrived on the South Side


Juan Pierre (Mark J. Terrill; AP)

 By: Kevin Anderson

There is something about White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams that you have to admire:  He never focuses on the future.  Only the present time is what matters to him.

This is why he went out and got exactly what the White Sox needed the most; a lead-off hitter who can bunt, steal and hit. 

That new weapon is Juan Pierre.

The Sox gave up two minor league pitchers in John Ely and Jon Link to acquire Pierre from the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Bears 'Gaines' with the Adams trade

Kevin Anderson


  With the season over for the Chicago Bears and the organization looking for answers, it's time to sit back and painfully look back at what exactly went wrong.  With the hope of having a franchise QB in place, giving up two first round picks and a game manager in Kyle Orton is not what I look back on and wish never happened.  I look at one particular point in the season and I just scratch my head in confusion.

  Trading a second round pick to Tampa Bay for Defensive End Gaines Adams.