‘Turner’ for the best?

‘Turner’ for the best?

By Kevin Anderson


 The Bears let Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner and it's been reported by the Chicago Tribune that the Bears may promote Defensive Line coach Rod Marinelli to Defensive Coordinator, so Lovie Smith can concentrate on his head coaching duties.

The Bears problems have been solved!

I hope you feel my sarcasm in that last sentence.

These last few weeks, Bears fans have seen the best and worst of Chicago’s favorite team.  After these last two wins, I’m sure some have changed their mind and thought “Two wins to end the season, we could be good next year!” 

Most fans have been calling for head coach Lovie Smith to get the ax after this season went in the toilet.  A call to fire everybody in the organization gained steam after the Bears lost to the Ravens in week 15.

It’s unfortunate that coaches like Turner have to be let go.  He was liked by his players, was called one of the nicest coaches in the game and did his best with what was given to him.

Being liked by your players, being a genuine person and doing your best with what you have, does not make you a good offensive coordinator.  My problem with Turner is the fact that he was handed a pro-bowl quarterback in Jay Cutler, and couldn’t even turn the offense a notch better than last years.  Put in the fact that he didn’t use Cutlers ability as a mobile thrower until the last two games of the season.  Jay threw 8 touchdowns to 1 interception during that span.

See ya Ron.  Best of luck.

Bears D-Line coach, Rod Marinelli is going to be promoted to Defensive Coordinator.

Hot Rod Mari is going to run the D?

It’s funny how this organization works.

Let’s blame everything on the offensive side of the ball and promote everybody on the defensive side.

The Bears really take that ‘Defense wins Championships’ to heart.  Even when making personnel decisions. 

While were at it, let’s promote Harry Hiestand (Offensive Line Coach) to the Offensive Coordinator position.  I guess this move makes sense since the Bears seem to promote the idea of mediocrity in their team.

Let’s remember that the Bears brought Marinelli in to change this defensive line.  He didn’t get that job done.

In 2009, the Bears ranked 13th in the NFL in total sacks, 24 out of their 35 coming from the D-Line.

In 2008, the year before Hot Rod Mari came in, the Bears ranked 22nd with 28 sacks.  7 sacks later and Rod finds himself with a new job.

This move doesn’t make any sense to me, but what I do like about Marinelli is his experience with the Cover-2 D.  He seems to have a better feel for what he has on the field than Smith, which is always a plus in my book.