'Hossa" Da Man

'Hossa" Da Man

By Kevin Anderson


  12 year contract worth $82.6 million for a 29 year old winger.

  At the time, that sounded like a lot of years and money for a hockey player.

  The Chicago Blackhawks personnel didn’t think so and Marian Hossa is proving to be worth every penny.

  After signing the All-Star Right Winger, the Blackhawks were looking like the best team in the NHL on paper.

  Then the fans were given the news that the All-Star Winger had to have major surgery and wouldn’t be on the team for the first month or so of the season.


  I remember thinking:  “Wow this is bad.  Waste of money.”

  I was wrong and so was everybody else.

  Since he first stepped on the ice with the Blackhawks on November 25th against San Jose, Hossa showed why the Hawks signed him.  He scored 2 goals that game.

  With Center Jonathan Toews at Center, Patrick Kane at Left Wing and Hossa at the Right spot, the Blackhawks have the most dangerous front line in the NHL.

  In the 20 games Hossa has played in, he has scored 8 goals with 10 assists. 

  Not bad for a 30 year old playing with a bunch of kids. 

  Hossa brought everything an organization wants in a hockey player.  Speed, smarts, leadership and the ability to score or pass.

  In 2008, Hossa scored 40 goals, gained an All-Star appearance and was the sole reason the Red Wings went to the Stanley Cup.

  The Hawks organization has made this team the most dangerous team in the NHL.  Let us never question another move they make again.